Kill a Program in Pisi Linux


Pisi Linux is very stable as steel, sometimes it could be that a program just freeze.

Here a simple Introducing for it:


To close a freezing program with Xkill in Pisi Linux press: CTRL+ALT+Esc, and a skull will appear as cursor, with this you can close the window from the freezing program, for sure! Just click on the window that you want to terminate!


You can kill a program on the console by giving in the command:

sudo killall application_name


You can also just use kill. Find which PID your program has with the command:

ps -aux

you see here the output from ps -aux with all running processes in the Terminal:

ps -aux in Terminal

then kill it by typing

sudo kill PID number

KDE Process Table

Only working in KDE. It's almost like the Task Manager in Windows. Try Ctrl + Esc to open the Process Table or press Ctrl+Alt+Esc. When the cursor is skull based click on the program you want to kill.
KSysGuard (System Monitor)