Repair broken Pisi Packages

Broken Packages in Pisi Linux

It can be if you are updating packages in Pisi Linux, it gives a failure in the electricity or the Network connection was broken. Then have you broken Packages in Pisi Linux, you must then checked the package database as described. And corrected the problems. To do this, run first, in the Terminal,


Enter your password, type the command. Then,

pisi check

It checks the installed packages on your system and can take a while.

SHA1 checksum have some similarities files that can not be calculated. These files are open and they are currently used for treatment and can not be purchased by a software. In particular, / usr / bin, / bin or in / sbin, this is normal in the directory where the executable file are abundant.

Any broken packages after making the package inspection with the check command, can you reinstall with this command to solving your Problem,

pisi it package --reinstall

after this command was the Package reinstalled and you have no Problems again with the broken Package. You can do the reinstall command again and again.